Peer learning on foresight: experts meet at the OECD

Stimulating set-up for discussing foresight issues

Main takeaways

  • the use of algorithms, often aggregated in the private sector, in criminal justice proceedings;
  • a shift in pollution perception: people start to be more conscious of the possibly polluting effects of their daily life choices;
  • increasing risks of conflict of interest in use of data by private operators — from the internet, aggregated from cameras, etc. in view of privacy rules, if such data is available at all;
  • trend towards social disorientation because of access to information leading to anxiousness about changes and amount of choices.
  • embedding foresight in the very grain of parliamentary life and engaging with other layers of governance: a case study from Estonia showed the impetus for foresight studies can come from government but also from parliament, can be driven by budget constraints or concerns about remaining relevant and different visions of what kind of role government should have in society;
  • foresight as an anticipatory policy tool and as element in the toolbox for better regulation;
  • potential of audit as an incentive for government to include foresight in policy decision-making;
  • the role an audit institution such as the U.S. Government Accountability Office takes in mapping trends and possible implications, for example for science and technology;
  • the future basis for taxes: how to ensure tax income for governments, also in view of corporations operating globally and taxation often happening on a national basis;
  • the potential of foresight to depoliticise the policy process and the need for politicians to have foresight expertise … and vice versa, since what is the use of foresight if it has no impact on policy decision-making.

Global trends, global solutions…



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