Technology will be everything, also for the ECA

Technology at the centre of everything

We need to be ambitious; after all, technology will evolve.’

Innovation in the job title

Our ambition is to design business processes controlled by design to facilitate, and even automate, audit.

Automation changing the scope of audit: how affecting the what

Having the technology can be a stimulus and source for new questions, altering our approach to what we audit.

Creating ECALab to introduce auditors to new techniques

You have to find out what knowledge and interest are already in house and show how far you can get by using it.

Using technology to realise the ECA strategy

(on media monitoring tools)… we should also use […] for programming to identify from the media where the focus is…

A cultural change towards an appetite for… change

It is not easy to create an appetite for change in an organisation that doesn’t want to take the risk of failure.

Auditors don’t need to be experts in all this technology, just come to us with their original questions!

Alerting senior management to be prepared

Management decisions and sponsorship: this is where real transformation happens.

… two things I believe are happening with increasing impact for the future. […] artificial intelligence, […] and the other is security and cyber attacks

Looking back and forward

The big change of the ECA is that it has become much more dynamic.

I love to be a member of a learning organisation and not a static one.



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European Court of Auditors

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