The future of Europe: a collection of opportunities

Historical perspective: putting the EU of today in perspective

Geographical perspective: outside and inside the EU

Changes in political outlook: from an open to a closed perspective

Obstacles — and opportunities for the EU to deliver

The future is soon, opportunities are now

Reflecting with Klaus Welle: interviewing him about the future of Europe and foresight

Level playing field and EU institutions

… our productivity is a key factor in staying ahead…

… the moment you choose to join the EU, to integrate and benefit from it, you also commit to uphold a certain institutional quality, and you cannot deviate from that afterwards.

… the democratic quality of governance is not just decided at EU level, but also by the democratic quality that exists at national or regional levels.

The EU depends on people believing that through cooperation we can grow the cake and improve our lives […] Which is contrary to nationalism, which basically says […] your piece of cake would be much bigger if you wouldn’t cooperate.

Facts, perceptions and ambitions

As EU institutions, we should not formulate from our own perspective, but from the citizens’ point of view.

… we have to be realistic today and at the same time ambitious to be able to improve ourselves tomorrow.

What if …?

… Identifying different possible futures also means having the chance to avoid certain futures…

The EU has the best living conditions and offers the best opportunities to its citizens.

I see no reason to be gloomy. […] the potential is all there.



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European Court of Auditors

European Court of Auditors

Articles from the European Court of Auditors, #EU's external auditor & independent guardian of the EU's finances.